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Inspired Teacher & Children's Author
About Me


I am a mom to a beautiful little girl and spunky dog, a passionate second grade teacher, and a creative children's book author! As a Michigan State graduate, I truly believe "SPARTANS WILL" and with the support of my amazing husband, parents, and friends, I am working hard to achieve more than I ever thought possible. 

I strongly believe that reading to children, even before they can understand words, teaches them to associate books with love and affection.


Books are our passage to unexplored worlds, and our safe places to learn valuable life lessons.

I invite you to begin your journey here :-). 

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"I Hope It's A Puppy" made it on fox 2 News!

I am so grateful for my time spent with Fox 2 News in honor of "March is Reading Month"! I had so much fun sharing about my story and process! You can find out more by watching my full interview with the very talented anchor, Erika Erickson! 



Hot off the press!

I was so excited to see "I Hope It's A Puppy" featured on the Oakland Press! 

“I wrote this story to create a fun bonding experience between a young child and their unborn sibling – a transition that isn't always the easiest and can be difficult to explain. … When people read my story, I want them to laugh and smile from start to finish.”


Achtman’s book has already received national acclaim – named this year’s Cover Design Winner by Kidsshelf Books. “I Hope It’s a Puppy” was illustrated by artist Andra Morosan.

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Join me on my journey!

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